Tips For a Luxury Living Room

Most of us dream about having a luxurious living room in our house in which we can create some beautiful memories with our family and friends. It’s not just about having a large space but creating a welcoming atmosphere that helps you relax and sparks your creative juices can play an important part in an individual’s wellbeing. Here are some amazing tips to make your living room look expensive without spending a lot of money.

Please choose a colour that will make your living room look expensive and pair it with shades of white, black, grey, metal and wood for an upscale look. Make sure that the colour you like goes with your floors, furniture and stationery.

If your room is traditional, add something modern or mid-century modern. While in a contemporary space, add something classic. You can consider adding a beautiful metal wall mirror, a few antique silver pieces around the room, and a metal trim chandelier to create a new look.

A well-lit living room and stylish lighting can instantly make a space look elegant. Adding lush plants and colourful flowerpots can always make a space feel fresh and stylish. A beautiful bouquet in the centre of a coffee table and a few small vases above shelves or cabinets will give your living room the perfect touch of nature it needs.

As guests see it first, your living room speaks volumes about your taste and style, so if you’re wondering how to make your home elegant, we recommend starting there.

Having nice furniture can also help make your living room look more expensive. To get started, you’ll need a sofa set that complements the entire theme and gives your room a luxurious feel. If you’re short on inspiration, look up the furniture stores online in Australia to find the latest trends and offers that best suit your budget.

Next, select a beautiful rug to place under your coffee table. This would enhance the look of a room.

To add more details, buy a mirror tray, add a couple of brass candle holders, use a silver accent in a vignette, or if you want to stretch what you already have, go through your decorative stock and see what can be sprayed instead. You can also add in pillows made from natural linen, soft leather, or plush velvet to elevate the style of your sofa or chair, making your room seem more expensive than it really is.

Just like how a new cooktop can make a big impact in a kitchen, hanging beautifully designed pendant lights above your dining table will instantly enhance the look. In the same way, properly chosen curtains can make the interior thoughtful and more luxurious. Most importantly, hanging the cornice high will make your ceilings appear higher, and high ceilings are definitely associated with a luxurious interior.

For Artificial high ceilings: floor-to-ceiling curtains can make a room look tall and grand, and you can mimic the look by placing a curtain rod higher than an actual window. A painting, photograph, or fabric can often look more expensive if large and well-decorated. You can print 8×10 directly from your computer and purchase a frame to make your photo look high quality.

Investing in these things can really add value to your home when looking at the expensive part.

Not to mention that antiques have a certain charm that no modern item can convey. These little details can make a massive difference to a room and don’t cost a lot, especially if you’re on the lookout for prices. Rugs are the anchor of a room, so updating them will instantly freshen up your space and make it look expensive. If you have some time, we recommend visiting a furniture shop in Australia before making the final purchase to see how different items complement each other.

In addition to above, decluttering is free and will make your room look much bigger, brighter, and more expensive. Spend a day or some hours walking around your room, throwing out everything that’s broken. It doesn’t matter how much you invest in a room if it ends up looking dirty.

Remember any cabinet with glass doors needs to be designed and modified to look nice. Otherwise, it will just make the room look cluttered and cheap. 

Always keep in mind that too many small frames and mirrors on the wall can ruin the whole staircase in your room. Make sure to have a well-placed mirror to make your room appear bigger and brighter. 

All in all, these upgrades will give a personal touch to your living area and give it a luxurious feel that will help increase the overall value of your home.